This blog is dedicated to plants from desert regions around the world as well as plants that have adapted to withstand arid conditions, but do not occur in real deserts. Many of the plants are found in arid semi-desert regions. There will be a greater emphasis on succulent plants, but others will also be included. This blog deals with desert plants of the Americas, Africa, Arabia and others. We are situated in South Africa and South African plants are likely to feature more dominantly. The pictures taken are from our private botanical desert garden at Leopoort near Oudtshoorn, from plants in nature, as well as other collections.

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Lampranthus aureus is distributed along the southwest and west coast of the Western Cape between Vredenburg and Saldanha.

The plants seem to have a preference for sandy, loamy soils and granite outcroppings.

The striking brilliant orange flowers make the plants ideal for a showy garden display. They are easy to cultivate if protected from severe frost and grown in a sunny location. The plants are best suited for rockeries or plant containers with sufficient root space and can withstand regular watering as long as the soil has good drainage.

Propagation is from seed or cuttings.

Lampranthus aureusLampranthus aureus in cultivation.